Trouble by Jesse Kellerman

By Jesse Kellerman

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There had to be legal refuge in that. He hoped. The Post would carry the story with or without his consent. His parents got the Times, but he couldn’t count on keeping the news from them for long: Erich would find a copy of the Post lying around on the train; 26 jesse kellerman Erich would tell Kate, who would tell his mother, who would, upon recovering her composure, tell his father. If not Erich, then someone else; it was inevitable. His mother got anxious and distant in the face of bad news; his father, analytical and directed.

Please, Mom, please. “All right,” his father said, “then I won’t eat. I am putting the sandwich down. Here it goes, down on the desk. ” t ro u b l e 29 “Excuse me,” Jonah said. ” “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Everybody stop talking. ” With the fourth retelling, he was too preoccupied with managing his parents’ panic to get worked up over the gory details. ” Here we go. “I should have called you first. ” “You didn’t do anything wrong,” his mother said. “I know, which is why—” “You could have been killed.

I’ve been doing some poking around. I found a package. It’s a cruise. ” He remembered perfectly well. “The week of Christmas. A full Christmas dinner is included. The Caribbean. They make stops. ” George nodded. ” George glanced at him, and when he said no more, said, “It would be a huge help to me. You could sleep in the basement. ” Jonah nodded once. ” George looked at him again. “Bernadette can come during the day. ” “You still can. ” “I—okay, but—” “So you’d have one week here and one to yourself.

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