Pashto, Waneci, Ormuri (Sociolinguistic Survey of Northern by Daniel G. Hallberg

By Daniel G. Hallberg

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Individuals from many Pashtoon locations, both north and south, mentioned at least one of these two locations and often both. The explanation most often given was that these varieties are hard to understand or just difficult. As one might expect, however, most subjects from South Waziristan (ten out of twelve) named some place other than Waziristan as having the worst Pashto. Six of these said they thought Quetta had the worst Pashto. Perhaps the most interesting result, however, is the fact that no subject in all of Pashtoon territory (out of the 131 asked) named Yusufzai, Peshawar, or any other Northern location as having the worst Pashto.

A few respondents expressed the idea that it is an advantage to their business for them to know Urdu. Only one subject said that there was no need of Urdu. The large majority of those interviewed (100 out of 136) also said they would like to learn more Urdu. ” In general, one might interpret this to mean that many people, probably the majority of Pashtoons, have a general positive attitude toward Urdu. There is no doubt an acceptance by most that they live in a multilingual setting and that different languages may be used in different domains or with different people.

Responses to one question revealed that a large majority of those asked, named Yusufzai (a large Northern Pashtoon tribal group), or some specific location within Yusufzai territory or in the vicinity of Peshawar, as having the best Pashto. Those responding in this way included subjects from all areas in Pashtoon territory where data were collected. P. The major exception to this general response was found in Baluchistan, where only six of the twenty-six subjects named Yusufzai or some Northern location.

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