Microwave-Induced Synthesis of Aromatic Heterocycles by Abdul Rauf

By Abdul Rauf

For greater than a century, heterocycles have performed a vital function within the organic and business improvement of society, changing into some of the most researched parts inside of natural chemistry.

The first bankruptcy of Microwave-Induced Synthesis of fragrant Heterocycles relies on microwave concept, the most recent advancements in instrumentation know-how, and many of the microwave applied sciences used for synthesis. the rest of the chapters are divided into sections. part A offers with the 5-membered heterocycles (pyrazoles, isoxazoles, triazoles, oxadiazoles, thiazoles, imidazoles, oxazoles, oxazolines etc.) and in part B, numerous 6-membered heterocycles (triazines, benzoxazoles, benzimidazoles, benzothiazoles) are awarded. either sections include an in depth, fresh literature assessment of microwave assisted synthesis and its applicability to numerous fragrant heterocyclics.

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Synth Commun 34:2981–2986 31. Natero R, Koltun DO et al (2004) Microwave-assisted one-step synthesis of substituted 2-chloromethyl-1,3,4-oxadiazoles. Synth Commun 34:2523–2529 32. Khan MTH, Choudhary MI et al (2005) Structure–activity relationships of tyrosinase inhibitory combinatorial library of 2,5-disubstituted-1,3,4-oxadiazole analogues. Bioorg Med Chem 13:3385–3395 33. Baxendale IR, Leya SV et al (2005) The rapid preparation of 2-aminosulfonamide1,3,4-oxadiazoles using polymer-supported reagents and microwave heating.

Further, oxazolines have emerged as a very interesting class of heterocycles with an astonishingly wide range of applications in synthetic organic chemistry. Oxazolines have been of great interest due to their versatility as protecting groups, as chiral auxiliaries in asymmetric synthesis, and as ligands for asymmetric catalysis. In view to the known importance of oxazoles, a large number of synthetic protocols have been developed. A few of them have been cited in chapter. Á Á Keywords Oxazolines Direct Stille and Suzuki coupling Diisopropylcarbodiimide cyclization Chemotherapeutic agent Anti-HIV activity Á Á Oxazolines are known as important heterocyclic compounds and have been investigated widely for pharmaceutical uses [1].

R2 n N N N R1 R3 O iii R1 = H, Me, Cl, OMe R2 = H, Me R3 = PMB, Bn, Boc n = 0,1 Aupoix et al. [9] gave an efficient, one-pot procedure for the synthesis of ionic liquids based on nitrogen-containing imidazolium heterocycles (iv) under green chemistry conditions. H3C + N N YR R1 iv R = C4H9 , C8H17 , C10H21, C12H25, C16H33 R1 = H, Me Y = OTf, PF 6, BF4, NTf2 Two unprecedented one-pot synthetic protocols for the synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine scaffolds (v) from carbohydrates have also been described by 7 Imidazoles 49 Yadav and Awasthi [10].

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