Gilbert of Colchester -An Elizabethan Magnetizer by Silvanus P. Thompson

By Silvanus P. Thompson

Leopold vintage Library is overjoyed to post this vintage booklet as a part of our vast assortment. As a part of our on-going dedication to providing price to the reader, now we have additionally supplied you with a hyperlink to an internet site, the place you could obtain a electronic model of this paintings at no cost. some of the books in our assortment were out of print for many years, and for that reason haven't been available to most of the people. while the books during this assortment haven't been hand curated, an objective of our publishing software is to facilitate quick entry to this sizeable reservoir of literature. because of this e-book being first released many a long time in the past, it might have occasional imperfections. those imperfections might comprise negative photo caliber, blurred or lacking textual content. whereas a few of these imperfections can have seemed within the unique paintings, others can have resulted from the scanning method that has been utilized. even if, our view is this is an important literary paintings, which merits to be introduced again into print after many many years. whereas a few publishers have utilized optical personality popularity (OCR), this process has its personal drawbacks, which come with formatting error, misspelt phrases, or the presence of beside the point characters. Our philosophy has been guided by way of a wish to give you the reader with an event that's as shut as attainable to possession of the unique paintings. we are hoping that you're going to get pleasure from this excellent vintage ebook, and that the occasional imperfection that it can include won't detract from the adventure.

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Excudebat Petrus Short. Anno Londini. M D C. (Folio, pp. ) 2. Tractatus sive Physiologia nova magneticisque corporibus et De Magnete, magno mag- 44 Gilbert, of Colchester. nete Sex tellure comprehensus a Colcestrensi, medico libris Guilielmo Gilberto Omnia nunc Londinensi. D. & Mathe- figuris illustrata Wolfgangi Lochmans, Excusus Sedini mati. Sumptibus Joh. XXVIII. Title-page and typis Gotzianis Hallervordij. , plates, Anno pp. 232, with etched and an Index. ) 3. Nova De Magnete, Magneticisq corporibus & magno Magnete Tractatus, sive Physiologia ; tellure, sex libris comprehensus, a Guilielmo Gilberto Colcestrensi, In quibus ea, quae tant, plurimis Medico Londinensi.

Word From the terms assigned electridtas (electricity) by Gilbert the came into use to Gilbert, of Colchester. 35 denote the unseen agent operating in these actions. Gilbert further showed that the power of attraction exercised by the electric when rubbed was not limited to mere straws or chaff, but that all metals and woods, and also stones and earths were He attracted. liquids, electric force. He ments. He on electrical experi- observed that electrical off, by the ascertained that moisture exercises a prejudicial effect be screened even found that and water were drawn oil in a way effects can that magnetic effects cannot, by the interposition of a sheet of metal, or even by a piece of paper.

WVMAN. " Pens, Ink, and Paper " : a Discourse upon Caligraphy. The Implements and Praaice of Writing, both Ancient and Modern, with Curicsa, and an Appendix of famous English Penmen, by Bro. DANIEL W. , Cosmographer; delivered at the Freemasons' Tavern, Gre-at Queen Street, on Friday, November 6th, 1885. (pp. ) Presented to the Sette on January 8th, 1886, by Bro. DANIEL W. KETTLE. Edition limited 10x33 copies. On Some 11. of the Books for Children of the Last Century. a few Words on the Philanthropic Publisher of St.

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