Des langues romanes by Jean-Marie Klinkenberg

By Jean-Marie Klinkenberg

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ARIEL ZEVON, Warren’s daughter: I left the babies with Ben and I drove over to Dad’s. When I got there, he was already dead. The paramedics were there, but by then they were just waiting for the police to arrive. Ryan and I had to figure stuff out. We were looking through his phone book, trying to call the doctor so he could verify that Dad had died of natural causes. Nobody told us what we were supposed to do after the paramedics and the police left. We didn’t know if he had specific instructions about who should take care of…things.

Soon, it caught on everywhere, and anytime we were in a car and anybody farted, everyone shouted “Elmer” until eventually, I swear it, young people up and down the state were saying “Elmer” every time they farted. After Elmer moved in, there was one positive change in the household, at least in Warren’s view. For the first time ever, the house was stocked with alcoholic beverages. KIT CRAWFORD: One night we were out drinking near a railroad crossing. We would watch the big engines rolling by, usually pulling more than a hundred boxcars behind, and count the boxcars, noting the names printed across them: Atlantic Pacific, Texas Central, Baltimore & Ohio, Northern Railroad, Choctaw Oklahoma & Gulf…I used to get a little crazy when I drank and started howling at the moon.

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