Antioch as a Centre of Hellenic Culture, as Observed by by A.F. Norman

By A.F. Norman

Focusing at the first and final years of Libanius’ Antiochene occupation (AD 354–388), this quantity illustrates his nice diversity of his rhetorical talents, whereas even as illuminating the intrigues of urban politics and college existence. The shorter speeches supply remarkable insights into difficulties of sharply modern relevance – teachers’ pay, scholar indiscipline and rioting, threats from the rival Latin curriculum, accusations incompetence, in addition to daily information of educational existence.

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88) He was guided by its £ight to Emathia, as he rode gazing upwards. There the eagle lighted upon the altar of Zeus Bottiaeus, which Alexander had set up at the time when he was so delighted with the fountain, and deposited it there. Everyone, even those not versed in such lore, agreed that Zeus’ intention was to recommend that the place should become the site for a city. Thus the impetus which Alexander had given to the foundation, and the beginnings he had made, reached completion42 and the king of heaven by means of this omen became our founder.

Martin (pp. 38^61); Fatouros and Krischer (1992), with introduction, translation and exhaustive commentary, in German. Indispensable aids to study are: Downey (1961), excellent for the topographical history of Antioch; Liebeschuetz (1972), a very sound study of fourth-century Antioch; Petit (1955), a profound, detailed and provoking study. Those who have access to a specialist library could with advantage cross-refer to the excavation reports and the books of Doro Levi (1947) and Morey (1938) noted in the Bibliography.

Or. ). The temple was allegedly built by the almost legendary queen Semiramis, who, as a historical ¢gure, 18 ORATION 11 the Persians, and before them by the Assyrians. When Cambyses was conducting his expedition against Egypt, he had his wife Meroe with him. They encamped in the place to which the lady has given her name, and she went to sacri¢ce in the temple of Artemis which Semiramis, queen of Assyria, had built for the goddess. (60) She noticed that the roof had become unsafe with age, and she asked Cambyses to repair the fault.

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