Annihilation (Star Force, Book 7) by B. V. Larson

By B. V. Larson

Kyle Riggs is in for a coarse trip. In ANNIHILATION, the 7th e-book of the big name strength sequence, not anything is going as deliberate. the 3 fledgling human colonies within the Eden approach are starting to take carry, however the forces threatening to root them out are many. The Crustaceans are calling for aid, although they're the sworn enemies of megastar strength. Are they power allies, or vicious tricksters? And why are the oceans in their international heating up? whilst Riggs flies out to enquire the location, extra mysteries come up. The Blues are making imprecise threats, and Earth is suing for peace. who's to be relied on, and who holds a dagger in the back of their backs? ANNIHILATION is an army technological know-how fiction novel by way of bestselling writer B. V. Larson. to discover the 1st ebook within the sequence, look for SWARM.

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Hold still. Don’t move. And Ratz was there, and Linda Lee, Wage and Lonny Zone, a hundred faces from the neon forest, sailors and hustlers and whores, where the sky is poisoned silver, beyond chainlink and the prison of the skull. Goddamn don’t you move. Where the sky faded from hissing static to the noncolor of the matrix, and he glimpsed the shuriken, his stars. ” She was straddling his chest, a blue plastic syrette in one hand. “You don’t lie still, I’ll slit your fucking throat. ” He woke and found her stretched beside him in the dark.

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