Animals in China: Law and Society by Deborah Cao

By Deborah Cao

Simply as China is termed the area manufacturing unit for synthetic items, it's also an international manufacturing unit for synthetic animal cruelty in a brand new phenomenon of globalized animal cruelty. Animals in China examines animal safeguard in China in its felony, social and cultural contexts.

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2). This is an expanded definition, with a licensing scope wider than that prescribed in the WPL (1988) for the purpose of licensing. Article 22 of the WPL (1988) stipulates that a licence for catching or fishing of wildlife under Class I state protection is needed for the purpose of ‘scientific research, domestication and breeding, exhibition or other special purposes’. The 1991 Measures have the extra licensing category of ‘other economic purposes’ (Art. 2). Wildlife, endangered or other wild animals and their products, can be traded once an individual or a business makes an application and is granted a licence.

197); Being in Charge of Government Animals That Become Sick (Art. 198); Sacrificial Animals for the Great Sacrifice Not Conforming to the Rules (Art. 200); Making Use of Government Animals in a Manner So That Their Backs Are Laid Bare or Their Throats Are Worn through by the Harness (Art. 201); Intentionally Killing Government or Private Horses or Cattle (Art. 203); Dogs Wounding or Killing Domestic Animals (Art. 206); Domestic Animals That Gore, Kick or Bite Persons (Art. 207); Supervisory or Custodial Officials Who Borrow Government Slaves or Domestic Animals (Art.

On the other side of Sichuan, the home of the giant panda, and in many other parts of China, Asiatic black bears, or moon bears, live an unbearably painful existence as a protected animal in China. A daily ritual of cruelty is being inflicted upon bears on the many bear farms in China in the name of doing good for the Chinese people. For the purpose of making traditional Chinese medicine, thousands of bears endure pain, misery and 27 28 Animals in China indignity, locked in small metal cages in solitary confinement and away from other bears and nature while their human carers insert plastic tubes into their open wounds to extract bile from their gall bladders (see also Ch.

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