Ancient Greece Summary by Dorling Kindersley

By Dorling Kindersley

Historic Greek tradition, which reached its top in Athens within the fifth century B.C., produced essentially the most wonderful and engaging relics of Western civilization. This brilliant Eyewitness ebook strains historic Greek achievements from the Bronze Age during the Hellenistic interval utilizing facts chanced on by way of archaeologists. Greek myths are brought when it comes to statues, carvings, and illustrations. like every the books of this sequence, historic Greece is extremely wealthy in shiny, colourful images, which deliver the topic to lifestyles. little ones and adults can know about strength and politics in Athens, the mythical Herakles (not relatively just like the Disney version), temples, and residential existence. Archaeological facts exhibits what lifestyles was once like for girls and youngsters of historical Greece, what humans did for enjoyable, and what their criteria of attractiveness and accomplishment have been. Its effortless to determine how influential this old tradition has been on smooth lifestyles, from technology and medication to the Olympic video games. super informative, interesting, and pleasing.

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The carefully curved auditorium (theatron or viewing theatre) is a huge semi-circular bowl cut into the surface of the hillside. Its shape is not just designed for excellent viewing; sound, too, is caught and amplified, and actors speaking in the orchestra can be heard in the back row. 38 Greek drama alive and well A group of actors from Britain’s Royal National Theatre perform three plays called The Oresteia, by the Athenian playwright Aeschylus. They tell of the death of Agamemnon after the Trojan war and how his son Orestes avenged him.

Private symposia took place at home in the dining room (andron) which was set aside for the men’s use after the evening meal. Many Greek vases show symposia scenes. All respectable women were excluded from a symposion, but slave girls called hetairai would entertain the men with their dancing, flute playing, and acrobatic displays (pp. 30–31). The evening began with the pouring of libations (usually wine), and the singing of special songs or hymns, to the gods. The guests wore garlands and perfume.

Naked bravery In this painted scene from a vase, a warrior is holding a metal cuirass, (body armour). He also has a long spear and a shield. Nakedness is a symbol of heroic bravery in Greek art. The famous sea battle of Salamis was a turning point in the Persian Wars (pp. 18–19). c. and was a triumphant victory for the Greeks over the Persian fleet. As a result of this battle, the Persian king Xerxes and much of his army went back to Asia, abandoning the invasion of Greece. Hoplite Greek soldiers were called hoplites from the word hoplon meaning shield.

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