An Evolutionary Paradigm for International Law: by John Martin Gillroy (auth.)

By John Martin Gillroy (auth.)

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Eristic positivism requires that an idea be definitively classified and assessed without benefit of its inherent dialectic counterarguments. Eristic “debate” assumes that discourse and argument are a contest of established “truths,” each containing an integrity of ideological position that fails if compromised by any admission that opposing arguments contain value. A third characteristic of philosophical method is its focus on philosophical refinement and justification rather than scientific discovery.

There is no incentive for either to fail to coordinate, for this would result in a payoff of 0. Consequently, the actors seek to coordinate themselves on one of the two (1,1) solutions. 1 Coordination game. 59 In order for a game to be a Lewis coordination game, it must have at least two equal points of equilibrium between which the players are, at least initially, indifferent. 60 There is no clear choice between R1 and R2 for Row or C1 and C2 for Column, no matter what the other player chooses.

This is the concept’s metaphysical essence, indigenous to the idea itself and revealed through the progressive philosophical analysis of its transcendent ideas. A metaphysical essence is not a point of departure, but the result of the growing sophistication of a concept as its inherent dialectic ideas rebalance in more and more sophisticated combinations. The fourth characteristic of philosophical method, overlap on a scale of forms, provides the means to access the essence of a concept. 19 Philosophical Method 17 The overlap of categories into which a single philosophical idea simultaneously fits, frustrates the scientific classification of social, political, and legal ideas into one and only one observational classification.

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