America's Congress: Actions in the Public Sphere, James by Professor David R. Mayhew

By Professor David R. Mayhew

To appreciate American politics and executive, we have to realize that participants of Congress are greater than brokers of societal pursuits and personal tastes -- additionally they act with a few autonomy and final result within the public sphere. during this illuminating e-book, a unique political scientist examines the activities of participants of Congress all through American historical past, assessing their styles and value and their position within the U.S. process of separation of powers.

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Mr. Hyde’s reluctance gradually turned to resolve and his hesitation to absolute certainty. When Mr. Clinton was impeached . . , it was in no small measure as a result of Mr. Hyde’s determination to press forward. . Ralph Reed, the Republican strategist, who knows Mr. Hyde well, said: ‘They mistook a teddy bear exterior for a soft core. If he feels strongly about something, he’ll fight harder than anyone’ ’’ (p. ). Melinda Henneberger, ‘‘How Henry Hyde’s Resolve Was Shaped Against Clinton,’’ New York Times, January , , pp.

See Rick Pearson and Ted Gregory, ‘‘Fallout Hits Hyde at Home,’’ Chicago Tribune, January , , pp. , . ’’ In DuPage County,  percent of respondents said they were less favorably disposed toward the congressman owing to his handling of the impeachment;  percent said they were more favorably disposed. . As a definitional matter, ‘‘taking stands’’ is meant to refer here to behavior, not to intent. Catering to an electorate might be the intent, but so might any number of other aims. In an earlier work I advanced the somewhat different term ‘‘position taking,’’ where the intent is specifically reelection-oriented.

I ignored reports that members were targets, as with Brown in ‘‘Smith lashed out at Brown,’’ unless there was evidence that the victims did something notable to earn their target status. I ignored reports that members retired, died, or lost their seats in elections—and also, on the ground of triviality, routine reports that they won their seats in elections. In Chapter  I argued that members of Congress can be autonomously consequential. In general, the ‘‘actions’’ being addressed here seem like good candidates for that designation, though not always.

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