Always. A Teen Devotional by Melody Carlson

By Melody Carlson

Bestselling writer bargains youngster women much more sensible devotions in line with the phrases of Jesus.

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Matthew 21:33–39 NIV One of the most aggravating stories to make the news—and unfortunately it seems to happen too much—is when some mega-corporation, high-up executive swindles millions of dollars from his company.  . and getting away with it. Workers might lose their jobs, pensions, and homes; shareholders might lose their savings; and sometimes innocent bystanders (taxpayers) get stuck with the bill. All because the exec, who got paid the really big bucks, was supposedly “managing” a corporation but secretly lining his own pockets at the expense of everyone else.

All rights reserved worldwide. com Scripture marked NLT is taken from the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004. , Wheaton, Illinois 60189. All rights reserved. Contents Introduction 1. The Only Way 2. One and the Same 3. Humble Entrances 4. Earth-Shaking Faith 5. Miracle Key 6. On Second Thought 7. Our Helper 8. Messes Welcome 9. Never Alone 10. Mismanagement 11. Love Driven 12. The Cornerstone 13. Teachable 14. Priorities 15. Gentle Reminders 16. Priceless Peace 17. Simple Laws 18.

You have to believe that when Jesus, the Son of God who knows the ins and outs of the entire universe, says someone’s in serious trouble, it’s going to be bad. Besides being arrogant, pompous, misleading, self-centered jerks, the religious leaders make themselves even more despicable to Jesus because of their constant attempts to appear good. He describes them as lovely white boxes that are probably ornately carved and attractive to look at—but inside the boxes are the rotting, stinking, putrid remains of cadavers.

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