All One Wicca: A Study in The Universal Eclectic Tradition by Kaatryn MacMorgan

By Kaatryn MacMorgan

All One Wicca is a rational creation to the faith of Wicca, and the culture of common Eclectic Wicca. It comprises every thing the hot or complicated pupil must interact in learn of the religion together with an in depth dictionary and instance rituals.

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Patriarch Nicodim is a good man,” I said, “but old and exhausted. Nor can I condemn the future Patriarch Justinian and those who have been tricked or forced into taking your road. ” I thought this dig might carry my point with Patrascanu, who was apt to speak with crudity and predilection about sexual matters. I tried, too, to tell him what Christian love meant. He was too engrossed in his own troubles to listen much at first; but he was a bookish man, at a loss with nothing to read, and argued for the sake of distraction.

If one of them denied the faith, I was sunk in misery for hours. It was a physical pain like a knife in my heart and I had to ask God to take it from me. I could not go on living with it. 5 Under Stalin’s conditions for economic help to Hitler during the war, there was a partitioning of Eastern Europe. One-third of our national territory was divided among Russia, Bulgaria, and Hungary. Nazi influence supported the growth of an “Iron Guard” movement whose members tried to harness the Orthodox church for political terrorism.

King Carol was forced to abdicate in favor of his young son Michael, in whose name Antonescu ruled as a dictator. Now the Iron Guard had a free hand to deal with Jews, Communists, and Protestants. Murder walked the streets. Our mission was accused of treachery and I was threatened daily. One Sunday from the pulpit I saw a group of men in the green shirts of the Iron Guard filing quietly into the back of the church. The congregation, facing the altar, were unaware of the strangers, but I saw revolvers in their hands.

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