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5). 2 Black Thermometers are used to control an artificial weathering device and to provide an estimate of the maximum temperature of samples exposed to a radiant energy source. There are two types of Black Thermometers. One type is referred to as a “Black Panel Thermometer” which is uninsulated and is made of metal. The other type is referred to as a “Black Standard Thermometer” which is insulated and is made of metal with a plastic backing. ” Typically, Black Standard Thermometers indicate higher temperatures than Black Panel Thermometers under the same exposure conditions.

3 Spectral Irradiance of Filtered Xenon-Arc—Figure A1 shows the desired relative spectral power distribution for filtered xenon-arcs comply with these limits. The acceptable limits for variation of the relative spectral power distribution shown in Fig. A1 are on file at the AATCC Technical Center. 4 Follow the device manufacturer’s instructions for recommended maintenance. Appendix B B. 00 280 320 360 400 440 480 520 560 600 640 680 720 760 800 wavelength (nm) Fig. 1 W/(m2nm) at 420 nm AATCC Technical Manual/2008 TM 16-2004 Copyright © 2007 American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists 33 free flow of air over the specimens.

An average of the four checks was computed for each level of surfactant. Table II indicates the average, and the standard deviation, from the data of the three testers. 1 The coefficient of variation is being used to determine the bias of this method. The data used was generated from the within-laboratory results of three testers. Table III indicates the percentage per level of surfactant. 2 Bias. Wetting agents can be defined only in terms of a test method. Table II—Sinking Time Average and Standard Deviation Sinking Time Surfactant Level Avg.

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