A treatise on Ordnance and Armor ... With an appendix, by Alexander Lyman HOLLEY

By Alexander Lyman HOLLEY

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And Schobbrook, P. R. (1979). Cepheid Studies. III. Energy Changes in the Beat Cepheid U Trianguli Australis. Astrophys. , 232:197-204. Fitch, W. S. (1970). Pulsation Constants and Densities for Double-mode Variables in the Cepheid lnstability Strip. Astrophys. , 161:669-678. , Stobie, R. , and Strittmatter, P. A. (1971). Quantitative Results of Stellar Evolution and Pulsation Theories. Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. , 154:23-46. , Stobie, R. , and Strittmatter, P. A. (1972). The Masses of Cepheid Variables.

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1995, Udalski et al. 1999) have shown that in these galaxies beat Cepheids are quite common. Beat Cepheid pulsations occur either in the fundamental/first overtone (F /0 1 ) modes, or in the firstjsecond overtone (OI/0 2 ) modes. In the Galaxy there is only one OI/0 2 known DM pulsator (CO Aurstars: individual,CO Aur), but in the SMC Udalski et al. 1999 claim 70 candidates out of 93 DM Cepheids. The occurrence of DM RR Lyrae stars (RRd stars ), depends on the type of duster. For example, not a single RRd star is observed in w Centauri ( cf.

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