A System of Mineralogy [Vols 1, 2] - by J.D. Dana

By J.D. Dana

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At what? At the lotus that is the seat beneath the feet, which were the lowest portion of 32 Treasury ofEsoteric Instructions the body ofNairatmya in the past, and of each individual master follow­ ing her. By whom? In the past, it was by the Lord ofYogins, and followinghim, by those who explain the esoteric instructions, and read or write them. For what purpose? It is for the purpose ofremoving all faults and caus­ ing all the precious mundane and transcendent qualities to arise. In what way? [131] Bowing is done by means of body, speech, mind, and the real nature, motivated by an exceptional clear faith and a faith of belief that the master is actually a buddha.

C. Its benefits This has three topics: 1 ) The benefits ofattaining the four results on the mundane path and below 2) The benefits of reaching the four culminations of attainment on the transcendent path 3) The common benefits of the arising of the four malleable qualities 1) The benefits ofattaining thefour results on the mundanepath and below These are the three results separate from ordinary body, speech, and mind, and the immaculate or personally created result, which destroys the opposing factors that are to be abandoned.

G. 7he oral instructions ofremoving impediments ofthe mdras by recognizing obstacles During tbe middle and final gathering of tbe essential constituents, when tbe outer and inner maras cause obstacles by displaying forms, speaking words, and causing changes of the views and culminations of attainment, others mistake them for the chosen deity and accept attainments, which becomes an obstacle. In this tradition, by temporarily recognizing them as maras through tbe metl1od ofdistinguishing three types, and by finally knowing what is obstructed, the obstructing agent, and the obstacle all to be mind, and understanding that mind is illusory and that the illusory lacks self-nature, one is liberated from the obstacles of the maras.

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