6NET: An IPv6 Deployment Guide by Martin Dunmore

By Martin Dunmore

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As a default this flag is not set. A sample IPv6 interface may be configured as follows: interface eth0 no ipv6 nd supress-ra ipv6 nd prefix 2001:0DB8:5009::/64 This interface will send out router advertisements for the prefix 2001:0DB8:5009::/64 every 600 seconds. 4 Linux and Radvd “Radvd” stands for “Router Advertisement Daemon”. It can be installed on any Linux system, which acts as a default IPv6 gateway router. conf. It includes information about the prefix(es) to be advertised, lifetimes and (optionally) the frequency of router advertisements.

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For example 48 bits are sufficient for Ethernet addresses which are world-wide unique. Subnets for which 16 bits would not suffice to identify all the nodes are hard to imagine. On the other hand this 64-bit long interface identifier simplifies significantly some autoconfiguration mechanisms. RFC 3513 specifies the use of modified EUI-64 identifiers in this part of the IPv6 address. EUI-64 is a network interface identifier defined by the IEEE. The modification deployed in IPv6 is related to 7th bit of the 64-bit identifier.

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