52 Little Parables From Ireland by Sally Kennedy

By Sally Kennedy

An intriguing new devotional concept...52 Little Parables from eire, by means of Sally eire Kennedy, is a distinct weekly devotional with functional messages that might stir any reader to acknowledge and revel in God's presence, plan and function in day by day residing. the realm has turn into too self-engrossed to note the heather transforming into at the hillsides or to achieve how quiet it truly is whilst the electrical energy is going out. Sally Kennedy has written fifty-two pleasant little parables which are first-class hearth starters. every one weekly research encompasses a scripture passage, a down-to-earth message and a prayer to attract you again on your first love-Jesus Christ! it is a booklet approximately uncomplicating your lifestyles and studying to be content material on your dating with God." just like the historical Celtic Christians by means of whom she is stimulated, Sally takes scenes from lifestyle, relationships and the area of nature, uncovering everlasting truths hidden therein. Her devotional journalings will motivate you to find similar...

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Forest fires are out of control in many counties of our state. People have been forced to leave their homes, businesses and houses. Beautiful trees and wildlife sanctuaries are threatened. Could there be anything at all good about the raging fires? Do fires ever rage in my life? Do I start them myself, or are they the work of an arsonist? As for the bad, it’s obvious—it is destruction. As for the good, well, a little out-of-control burning by the Holy Spirit could be a wonderful thing. Something to think about … PRAYER: Lord, light a fire in me today.

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD deter mines his steps. PROVERBS 16:9 WEEK 10 EASY WAY OUT Have you ever been in a swimming pool and tried to swim against the flow of the water jets, or been in the ocean and tried to swim against the current? It is a lot of work just to stay in one place. It is even more work to go against the flow. On the other hand, have you noticed how effortless it is just to relax and let the current carry you along? In our spiritual swimming, it is more difficult to move along when we are going on our own steam—uphill, against the flow, doing things our own way.

Doves are ground feeders, and this morning they were vying for the seeds tossed out of the feeder by other birds. I never knew that doves—or birds—are territorial, but apparently they are. One continued to bully the other two. The “pecking” order worked, and the two backed off. While the bully enjoyed the pickings that remained, a large brown sea grape leaf blew across the deck. About 5 or 6 inches across, it tumbled right up behind the bully. That startled the bird, who then left the place he had claimed for his own.

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