101 Most Powerful Promises in the Bible (101 Most Powerful by Steve Rabey, Lois Rabey, Marcia Ford

By Steve Rabey, Lois Rabey, Marcia Ford

For an individual who's trying to find suggestions in a time of desire, unearths that their religion is floundering, or just desires to infuse a few proposal into their day, a hundred and one strongest provides within the BIBLE will give you the energy of God's message on the flip of a web page.

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By using both terms— “leave” and “forsake”—God is saying the same thing twice, no doubt because he realized how many times his people needed—and still need—to hear something in order to believe it. Regardless of how you feel, no matter how far away the Lord may seem, he is always with you. Even in your darkest days and nights, even in your spiritually dry times, even in your times of rebellion, he is there. These words empowered Joshua as he dared to continue his journey with the recalcitrant Israelites.

But God keeps at it, continuing to offer his free gift of grace to the very people who do him wrong. He extends his grace not only through the forgiveness of sins but also through the acts of justification—treating individuals as if they had never sinned—and reconciliation—closing the gap that sin has created between God and individuals. If grace seems to be too good to be true, well, in any realm besides the kingdom of God, it certainly is. While there’s nothing you can do to earn God’s grace, there are plenty of ways in which you can respond to his gift appropriately, such as accepting it gratefully, showing your gratitude through your obedience, maintaining fellowship with God, and serving him and other people with a sacrificial joy.

Thank you for transforming my cowardice into courage. 3633 101MostPwerfulPromiseBible 7/16/03 11:54 AM Page 35 14 Unmerited Favor A But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it. Ephesians 4:7 I we could reduce the gospel of Jesus Christ to a single word, that word would be grace. Often defined as “God’s unmerited favor,” grace represents the gift of salvation that God freely gives to humankind—sinful, ungrateful, unworthy humankind. And despite our very human tendency to think that everything in the world revolves around us, the grace of God happens to be one thing that we in no way influence.

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